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Scrabble Dictionary

Our scrabble dictionary tool uses a multitude of trusted sources such as Merriam-Webster, Wordnet, Century and Wiktionary to validate words played in scrabble, you can also look up definitions of those words.

Scrabble Word Finder

One of the best tools on the net is our scrabble word finder which you can use to help you cheat at word based games like words with friends and Scrabble. Use it as a anagram solver to find words you can make from random letters.

Scrabble Word Lists

We provide one of the largest scrabble word lists that contain, start and end with any letter from over 800,000 words all updated to the new (OTCWL2014). We also provide API access to our lists for developers.

More Than Just A Scrabble Dictionary

Want to know if a word is in the scrabble dictionary? No Problem, we can provide that for you. We are one of the largest and leading websites with word verification when it comes to many word based games like Scrabble and Words With Friends.

But we are much more than that...

We provide anagram solvers, word lists, tips & tricks, guides and self help tools to teach you how to strategies and beat your opponent in any word game. We also provide developer tools for webmasters to use these services on their own websites and applications.

Word Lists great for playing with Scrabble

Our word lists are more than just words, they are tools to help you develop and hone your skills in scrabble to help you surpass your opponent and make you the better scrabble player that you already are.

The most important thing any professional scrabble player will tell you is that the key to winning at scrabble is memorizing as many words as you can. The more you have in your arsenal the more you can dominate the board and win, it's really just that simple.

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