About linkru.ru

The story behind linkru.ru is actually a story I love to tell, its funny how we got started and I love to look at peoples faces when I tell them.

In 2008 linkru.ru was born from a conversation with a co-worker I was having. He was telling me that he hated playing his mother-in-law in scrabble because she knew everything about the game, knew every word and if that was a real word. Being a web developer right then an idea popped in my head. I told him "How about I build you a website that no matter what you type in the field it will always return a definition. He thought that was a great idea. That night I bought the domain name linkru.ru and had the site up and running within a couple hours and added 4 obscure definitions relating to words that no one would know for sure...Yes I said 4 definitions LOL.

A year and a half later I totally forgot I had the website. I looked at it one day and it was still running. I then decide to track visitors and see what traffic I was getting...OMG that next day I was bringing in 5k in visitors a day and almost 250,000 in page views. I couldnt believe it, and that whole time the dictionary only had 4 definitions and no matter what people were typing it was returning definitions. Now I want to apologize to anyone who used me a couple years ago. I promise I didnt do it on purpose :)

Today Free Scrabble Dictionary is the leading scrabble dictionary right behind Hasbro. If you play scrabble and need to look up a definition online most likely you have used us. Since then we have completely changed our site and now have ten of thousands of words and a half a million definitions. We service scrabble tournaments, players of all kinds and help people play games like words with friends, scramble with friends, and hanging with friends.

We thank all you loyal fans and want to make the best of our site for you. We always welcome comments and questions so please email us anytime at

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