Scrabble Dictionary API

Welcome to your number one trusted resource for scrabble word verification for web developers and website owners. We provide the ability for you through our API to validate words allowed in scrabble (SOWPODS as well) and Words With Friends. Our databases are always up to date with all the newly added words.

How It Works

The current function of the scrabble dictionary API is to inform you whether the word you are looking up is located in any of the official scrabble word lists (TWL also referred to as , and ). We have future plans to add more as our users request them. If you would like it to do something it currently cannot, please let us know.

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  • Free API Usage

    Our API is free for anyone to use as long as it is for non-commercial use only and may not exceed more than 5000 calls per 24 hours.

    Commercial Use

    We currently do not provide any commercial use options, but we are looking into it. If you are interested to use our API for commercial use and need more than 5000 requests per day please contact us.

    If you are going to need more than 5000 calls per day please let us know

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