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1. Bible.

2. Biblical.

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1. A piece of cloth or plastic bearing a number, usually worn over the chest or back, identifying a competitor in a race.

2. A piece of cloth or plastic secured under the chin and worn, especially by small children, to protect the clothing while eating.

3. Bibbed overalls worn while skiing.

4. The part of an apron or pair of overalls worn over the chest.

5. A cloth or plastic shield tied under the chin to protect the clothes.

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1. To drink or to indulge in drinking.

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Sentence Examples with Bib

Borg was known for being a pioneer in what is labeled by some as progressive christianity, and he participated in the jesus seminar around 30 years ago where a group of scholars gathered and challenged many of the statements made by jesus found in the bib 0 | 0 |

He would arrive with a torn acl, a dopey gaze of unfocused hallucinations, and if pro-eating refs could throw in the bib before the contest, etr might have been counted out.0 | 0 |

Meanwhile, ganong stood at the top, wearing bib 22 and trying to visualize the perfect run.0 | 0 |

Roll up your sleeves, throw on a bib and prepare for your own version of the super bowl.0 | 0 |

She appeared on shark tank for her bib bitec bib which she invented.0 | 0 |

That evening, I met jack fultz, who had won the 1976 addition of the boston marathon and is currently the athletic director of the dana-farber marathon challenge, for which I raise funds in order to earn a bib to run the boston.0 | 0 |

The san francisco half marathon was set to begin in three minutes, and goodman was in the front of the pack wearing racing bib no.0 | 0 |

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