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1. At the expected time.

2. In a proper manner: a duly appointed official.

3. In a due manner or time.

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Sentence Examples with Duly

Conservatives gained the upper-hand, and wages duly collapsed.0 | 0 |

Google duly returned its top ten, and at the bottom, I noticed.0 | 0 |

Here the note-book was produced from under his pillow, and the English word duly written down.0 | 0 |

If you are an agent of an entity, you represent and warrant that you are duly authorized to legally bind the entity to all terms and conditions of these terms of service and that you have made the entity aware of them.0 | 0 |

Instead, it acted to prevent there from being a duly elected government.0 | 0 |

It was time for a change and I applied for a online marketing job for a start-up, got an interview, accepted and duly handed my notice in.0 | 0 |

Likewise I think that military strikes to uphold the taboo against cw can duly punish the assad regime without further ensnaring the united states in the war.0 | 0 |

On this date the euro was duly launched by eleven of the then 15 member states of the eu.0 | 0 |

Pdf, we will respond expeditiously to notices of alleged copyright infringement that are duly reported to our designated copyright agent identified in the notice below.0 | 0 |

Regular status updates have been sent, calls are answered and duly noted by the secretary, and the site remains completely unchanged.0 | 0 |

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