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1. Gill (liquid measure).

2. Gill.

3. Galvanized iron.

4. Gastrointestinal.

5. General issue; government issue.

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1. Provided by an official United States military supply department.

2. Of, relating to, or characteristic of United States military personnel.

3. Conforming to military regulations or customs.

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1. In a strictly regulation manner.

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1. A member or former member of the United States armed forces.

2. A man enlisted in the army.

3. A private soldier in the US army:.

4. The loose white jacket worn in judo.

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1. Glycaemic index.

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Sentence Examples with Gi

If gi appears later in the document, and the related phrase is found again within the later secondary window, again the count is incremented.0 | 0 |

If we had your gi alert set to weekly, we could have caught this sooner.0 | 0 |

Similarly, most african americans were excluded from the gi bill benefits that followed world war ii.0 | 0 |

The draft ended too, reducing the ranks of future gi s, while the gi bill was altered to shift new costs onto former soldiers.0 | 0 |

The gi bill, rather than leaving graduates with big debts, left them well educated and therefore with a chance of to provide a middle-class life for their families and to retire with dignity.0 | 0 |

This update identifies that the good phrase gi appears in this specific document.0 | 0 |

Under the gi bill, corman studied english literature at oxford university.0 | 0 |

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