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1. Judge advocate general.

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1. A hanging flap along the edge of a garment.

2. A sharp projection; a barb.

3. A slash or slit in a garment exposing material of a different color.

4. A small load or portion.

5. Slang A bout of drinking or drug use.

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1. To cut indentations into.

2. To form teeth on (a saw) by cutting indentations.

3. To move in jerks.

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1. Scots To jab sharply; prick.

2. To cut jags in; notch.

3. To cut unevenly.

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Sentence Examples with Jag

As for robert fulper, fresh off a seven-day-a-week harvest work jag on their newly solar-powered farm, the plan is to continue to tend their herd of dairy cows, and sell milk and cheese.0 | 0 |

Now represented by sparta, they strongly want to increase gay participation in the jag corps so as to have allies working within the system to remove the archaic medical obstacles to open trans service.0 | 0 |

On a recent flight, my baby had a crying jag that went on for quite some time.0 | 0 |

Socially-conscious dress company project gravitas and jag models, an agency devoted to embracing women of all sizes, are teaming up to promote body-positive change within the fashion industry.0 | 0 |

The final episode of the american television series jag ends with an incomplete coin flip.0 | 0 |

The jag problem revolves around the issue of safe space, an issue with many parameters and consequences that invites a broad range of input.0 | 0 |

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