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1. Ounce.

2. Ounce; ounces.

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biographical name

1. Amos 1939–     born Israeli writer.

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1. An ideal or fantastical place.

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Sentence Examples with Oz

An original cowardly lion costume from the wizard of oz was packed away after filming and forgotten for decades.0 | 0 |

As for one dozen well-manufactured silver spoons and forks at per oz .0 | 0 |

For the most part in later oz books, though, the cowardly lion is a presence rather than a major character.0 | 0 |

He appears in the the wizard of oz cartoon voiced by charlie adler.0 | 0 |

Hiring seos in oz has been difficult - I had to train all but two people who joined us when I worked in a corporate seo agency.0 | 0 |

In 1996, they made an animated cartoon series the oz kids.0 | 0 |

Mehmet oz this week, after a senate hearing shamed the daytime television personality.0 | 0 |

Neill played him primarily as a beast of burden in his three oz books.0 | 0 |

She was brought to oz by a tornado and wow what an oz she was brought to.0 | 0 |

The cowardly lion is a character from the fictional land of oz created by american author l.0 | 0 |

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