Embed our anagram solver widget into your website

Webmasters can embed or download an anagram generator into your existing website which we provide the ability for you to do that. With just adding some simple code to your website you can provide an anagram widget solver at blazing speeds. Our anagram generator will return results in under a second. All you have to do it add a simple piece of code to your website and you can easily start providing an anagram generator to your users. We keep the anagram generator small and clean so it ties right into your existing website. We have multiple word lists you can choose from including Standard English, TWL06, SOWPODS, Spanish, German and French word solvers.


Our anagram generator uses an small javascript code which calls an iframe that will tie into your website. Our code will display the anagram generator at a width="350" and height="300" with scroll bars. With being a width of 350 pixels it will tie in nicely with any mobile browser or mobile website you may have. The reason for the scroll bars is so if there are many words returned users can scroll down to view all the words. We also use a plain white background.

Anagram Generator Types

Place any of the following codes into your website depending on the version you want to display.

Words with friends (ENABLE)

Our word list for words with friends is based on the Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon (ENABLE), a public domain list used by many word games according to Zynga (ENABLE)

Words with friends cheat Version

Standard English

Our standard English anagram generator uses the standard English dictionary. You will return the most results with this type for your users. Be aware that many sites like to use official word lists "legal words" that are used in official scrabble games so you should make your users aware of this before you use the standard English version.

Standard English Version

TWL06 Word List

The TWL06 word list is the official word authority for tournament Scrabble in North America. Many people and organizations will use this standard word list in addition to other word lists. Since it is considered the standard for North America most scrabble clubs and tournaments use this. You are pretty safe with this one.

TWL06 Version


SOWPODS represents a combination of the Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary (OSPD) and the Official SCRABBLE® Words (OSW)


French Word List

List of French words used in scrabble

French Version

German Word List

List of German words used in scrabble

German Version

Spanish Word List

List of Spanish words used in scrabble

Spanish Version

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