Letterpress Cheat

Letterpress is a word based game in which you use letters you have to try and make as many words as possible. You are given 25 letters. All you have to do it enter those 25 letters into our letterpress solver and we will do the rest. We will find every possible letter you can make with those 25 letters and help you win the game. No more wanting to pull your hair out of your head.

You can enter a max of 25 letters

How to play letterpress

You have to pick letters from a 5x5 board of tiles. You can use those letters to form words. When you are done forming your word then you hit the "Submit" button and your turn is done.

The Rules

  • Your words must be at least 2 letters long
  • You can only play a word once. Even if the other player plays a word you cannot play that word again.
  • A word that is found in the beginning of another word used cannot be played. So lets say that someone plays the word "basketball". Then the other player trys to play "basket". That will not be allowed since "basket" is already in "basketball"
  • Proper nouns are not allowed
  • Defending Tiles

    There is a cool feature to the game that you can defend letters on the board and prevent the other player from using them. This comes in handy when you want to make a word and keep the other player from using a letter that would prevent you from making that word.

    You can defend a letter by marking the tiles around a letter with your color. As soon as all 4 sides are your same color then the letter in that spot is locked and cannot be used by the other player. They are not locked forever though since the other player can use the letters which are blocking your letter. Once they do then the letter will be up for grabs.

    Here is an example with letters W and E being defended.

    The game ends when all the tiled letters on the board are colored.

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