Reverse Dictionary and Thesaurus

Find similar words that relate to your search

Our Reverse Dictionary lets you find words that are closely related to the phrase or subject you are trying to describe. You can type a single word, phrase, question or just a few words that describe your idea and we will return a list of closely related words that match your query.

Here are some of the ways you can use a reverse dictionary

  • Find words to definitions you already know
  • Find closely related words to a single word
  • Use as a crossword solver to find words that match a clue
  • How does it work?

    The best way to describe a reverse dictionary would be like using a crossword puzzle. Since crosswords give a definition or idea of a word you would simply type that word/phrase into our search field and it will return the words that relate the most.

    Why do the results seem to not make sense?

    Our results are shown in order of relevancy, so most likely the first few words are going to match your word/phrase the most. The farther down the list you go the farther they relate. In theory all the results relate in some manner, but just use the first few and you should be fine.

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