Word lists for Scrabble & other word games

Looking for a scrabble word list? Maybe a compound word, or words that start or end with any letter. We have it here. Check out our vast word lists that are great for games like Scrabble© and Words With Friends©. These lists can help you in your classroom, homework or just to study.

If you don't see a particular list you are looking for please let us know and we will consider adding it.

All of our word lists formerly part of the TWL06 and OWL3 have been updated to the new (OTCWL2014). Included are all our words in the scrabble dictionary results and scrabble word finder results.

You cant export any of our word lists in a JSON format. WARNING! some of these lists are very large. Please do not link to our lists directly to use for your app or website. Download them to your server and use them locally.

Misc Word Lists

Common English words and Frequencies

Compound Words - Over 100,000 compound words!

Vowel Dumps - Vowel Dumps you can play in scrabble

Enable - The official word list for Words with Friends and Wordox

English Word List - (Western) English Word List

TWL06 - North America Scrabble Word List

SOWPODS - Eurpoe Scrabble Word List

2 Word Phrases - Common phrases with 2 words

3 Word Phrases - Common phrases with 3 words

Scrabble words with no vowels - over 110 scrabble words that do not contain vowels with or without a Y

Words with all consonants - Words that only contain consonants

Highest scoring words - Highest possible scoring words with in scrabble

Q words without a U after - Words with Q and not a U after

Palindrome Words - Words that are spelled fowards and backwards the same

How to memorize - Learn how to memorize words to improve your game of scrabble.

Common Prefixes - Huge list of common prefix words used in the english dictionary

- Another huge word list

Tools for webmasters

Embeddable Word Solvers - Multi Language Scrabble Word Finders for your websites

Scrabble Dictionary API - Word verification for the offical scrabble dictionary

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