4 Letter Words in the english dictionary

If you are looking for a great way to use 4 letter words during your game in scrabble then we really recommend you . They have a ton of great resources on 4 letter words specifically, but you can find plenty on many other subjects as well.

Lets recap what they say

Pertaining to 4 letter words specifically there are 6 main groups you want to pay special attention to and here they are...

  • Words that are Vowel-Heavy
  • Consonant-Heavy words
  • and 4 letter words that contain "J", "Q", "X", "Z"
  • Did you know there are over 5,000 4 letter words you can play in scrabble? (5454 to be exact). This is a much better option for you and gives you a better chance of finding words easier than the other 2 letters words (124 total) and 3 letter words (1292 total). In fact there are twice as many 4 letter words in scrabble than 3 letter words.

    Many of these words are also going to contain vowels which is why paying attention to vowel heavy 4 letter words is going to give you your greatest chance, as long as you have a balanced rack of course.

    If you stick to these rules you will be golden!

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