Common Prefixes in the English Dictionary

A prefix is a set of letters that start a word. For instance in the word prenuptial the sufix would be considered pre. In the english dictionary there are many forms of prefixes that can be added to words to make another word. In scrabble it works the same way. When looking at your scrabble baord layout and looking at options to use words, make sure you keep a prefix in mind to add in addition to another word already on the board. You can score even more points by doing this.

List of prefixes

Prefix The Meaning Example of
a-, an- without amoral
ante- before antecedent
anti- against anticlimax
auto- self autopilot
circum- around circumvent
co- with copilot
com-, con- with companion, contact
contra- against contradict
de- off, away from devalue
dis- not disappear
en- put into enclose
ex- out of, former extract, ex-president
extra- beyond, more than extracurricular
hetero- different heterosexual
homo- same homonym
hyper- over, more hyperactive
il-, im-, in-, ir- not, without illegal, immoral, inconsiderate, irresponsible
in- into insert
inter- between intersect
intra- between intravenous
macro- large macroeconomics
micro- small microscope
mono- one monocle
non- not, without nonentity
omni- all, every omniscient
post- after postmortem
pre-, pro- before, forward precede, project
sub- under submarine
syn- same time synchronize
trans- across transmit
tri- three tricycle
un- not unfinished
uni- one unicorn

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