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First of all before we get started we have a huge list of words with Q as well as Q words without U. Also check out words that end with Q and words that start with Q that can give you some more options to choose from.

How to use the letter Q in scrabble

Most of the time most people think the first thing you want to do to become a better player in scrabble is to memorize as many definitions of words. This is far from the truth, you want to memorize as many words as you can. Start with 2 letter words first and then move on to 3 and 4 and so on. Luckily there is only one 2 letter word in scrabble that has the letter Q in it and thats QI.

Another important skill you are going to want to refine is the ability to view a few moves ahead and see other opportunities to place your Q word down on your board. An epic way to do this is too save a Z word if you have one for one awesome play. Take the word CAZIQUES for instance. With 4 vowels that accompany it, you can score some serious points. What makes it an easy word to place on your board is the fact that there are so many vowels in it. You can easily find a location for it and dominate your opponent.

Dont forget about the small guy

We already mentioned that it was important to memorize the small words like 2 letters and 3 letter words, but remember that its not a bad thing to use them as much as possible. Its the little things that make a bigger impact rather than just concentrating on the larger words. You may think that a large word is going to always be the most points, but that is not always true.

Slow and stead can be a very effective way to play.

Along with that you have more opportunities to play may words when they are small. You might find that your opponent will have to skip many turns while you have plenty of chances to keep playing those small words.

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