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While trying to find a way to play an X in scrabble you are pretty much going to use the same practices that you would with any other letter (almost). Not like vowels where you are going to have a ton to choose from during your game X is going to come far and few. The key is knowing as many X words as you can as well as knowing when and how to play them to improve your game.

Although X words are some of the top hard letters to play at scrabble, it`s not impossible. We have a huge list of words with X for you to look through. Make sure you look through our entire list because we have some high scoring X words in there as well.

Highest scoring X words

Just to help you out and to get you started here are our top 10 highest scoring words you can play with the letter X in scrabble.
  2. HYDROXYZINES, 36 Points
  3. HYDROXYZINE, 35 Points
  4. PHOTOOXIDIZING, 39 Points
  6. HYPOPHARYNXES, 35 Points
  7. PHOTOOXIDIZED, 36 Points
  9. ISOCARBOXAZIDS, 37 Points
  10. PHOTOOXIDIZES, 35 Points

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